Blockchain Core

''I am Not Satoshi Nakamoto, I have nothing to do with Bitcoin.'' 

''I Am Not Dorian Nakamoto'' - I have something to do with Bitcoin and Blockchain. 

'' We are all Satoshi ''

''Yeh h h...Yeah ! You all are Satishists  but I am the new Satoshi Nakamoto.'' 

Blockchain Technology  and Bitcoin Market 

Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Exchanges are not a Bank. So the Bitcoin Exchanges are not the custodians of Bitcoin. If any investor buy Bitcoin and keep in the Wallet of Cryptocurrency Exchanges, its mean they can lose their Bitcoin holding at any times.  So it is not advisable for investors to keep their Bitcoin in any cryptocurrency exchanges.  Keep your Bitcoin in your own secure wallet. Make sure nobody knows your Private Key.  Hackers are working behind the Cryptocurrency exchanges. So be wise and be safe. 

Do not gamble with your pearls and Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is your Pearls of Life.  Protect your Bitcoin from the thieves and prying eyes. 

Lock the Door of your Bitcoin Bank. Keep the keys in a safe place. 

Amount: 72.61496983 Bitcoin Not For Sale

BTC Address:  Block #0  

James Anderson

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Amount:  50  Bitcoin  For Sale

BTC Address: 1Q3GHJtLr4nyQk25ZCY4Z7PcMRJzrp4VUb 

Josef Adler

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Amount:  50  Bitcoin  For Sale

BTC Address: 1HmuxFwtP4U4ZqJFAG4FEtq4Ja2JFM7unr  

Sushiko Nagasaki

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Amount:  50  Bitcoin  For Sale

BTC Address: 13oKsXvZivr2xxEgX95KnKMPu7J7eEymHd 

All the Traders are here to trade their Bitcoin  Peer-to-Peer, So you can make arrangement by yourself or you can ask your Bank to conduct the transaction behalf of you. 

For guidance and help contact the Bitcoin Exchange Manager.