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gpg --keyserver hkps:// --refresh-keys

Check your bandwidth and space

Bitcoin Core requires a one-time download of about 500GB of data plus a further 5-10GB per month. By default, you will need to store all of that data, but if you enable pruning, you can store as little as 6GB total without sacrificing any security. For more information about setting up Bitcoin Core, please read the full node guide.

Verify your download

Download verification is optional but highly recommended. Performing the verification steps here ensures that you have not downloaded an unexpected or tampered version of Bitcoin, which may result in loss of funds.

Click one of the lines below to view verification instructions for that platform.

Windows verification instructions

MacOS verification instructions

Linux verification instructions

Snap package verification instructions

Additional verification with reproducible builds

Experienced users who don't mind performing additional steps can take advantage of Bitcoin Core's reproducible builds and the signed checksums generated by contributors who perform those builds.

Verifying that several contributors you trust all signed the same checksums distributed in the release checksums file will provide you with additional assurances over the preceding basic verification instructions. Alternatively, reproducing a binary for yourself will provide you with the highest level of assurance currently available. For more information, visit the project's repository of trusted build process signatures.

Bitcoin Core is a community-driven free software project, released under the open source MIT license.